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Hendersonville, Tennessee: The City by the Lake

May 8th, 2017 5:37 PM by Corey Hammonds Founder/CEO

A photo of Old Hickory Lake at sunset. 

Big cities like Nashville are great because you have instant access to all the luxuries and services, but if you live in the core you can begin to miss some of the scenic beauty. Also, due to the large population, people there always feel in a rush. So, for people who want to live in or visit a place which feels less hectic and have beauty all around it, we suggest they check out Hendersonville, Tennessee.


Hendersonville is a city with the population of a town, beauty of a vacation spot and opportunities of a large city. How? Let’s get into some details.

Population and Location

According to 2013 estimates, the population of Hendersonville was 54,068, which makes it the 11th largest city in Tennessee, qualifying it as a classic large town (a large town has a population of 20,000 to 100,000). Just do not let its population size fool you, Hendersonville will make you feel like you are in Small Town USA.

It is very close to Nashville, you just need to drive 18 miles southeast to reach Music City.  Its total area is 31.37 square miles, of which 27.3 square miles is land and 5.6 is water.

Beauty of Hendersonville

Old Hickory Lake is what makes Hendersonville so unique. About three quarters of the city has shoreline, which adds a remarkable charm to Hendersonville that is hard to find in busy and densely populated cities. The views from bridges and lakeshores at evening and night are heartwarming and make everybody fall in love with this place.

Steve Gregory, long time Hendersonville resident and owner of SG Appraisals, is the first to admit the the lake is a huge draw to his city. "Hendersonville is nicknamed The City by the Lake for a reason, it is a big draw for people to move here," explained Steve. "You can picnic by the lake or have dinner at one of the restaurants in our three marinas; living here Old Hickory becomes a part of your life."

Growth of Hendersonville

Hendersonville is one of the fastest growing cities in Tennessee, which makes it a place with abundant opportunities for investors, businessmen and professionals. That is the reason the average median household income of Hendersonville in 2015 was $64,339, while the same throughout Tennessee was $47,275.

The city has become a place where people can enjoy the beauty the Volunteer State is known for, but still be close to an exciting city like Nashville. This proximity is very attractive to transplants who are moving to the Middle Tennessee region. 
"You can be at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center or Nissan Stadium to see the Tennessee Titans play in 20 to 30 minutes depending on traffic," said Steve

Hendersonville has a future job growth estimated to be 40% and its current unemployment rate is only at 3.9%. Also, the commercial and residential growth are increasing every year. 

This has not stopped the city from having one of the best school systems in Tennessee. Joy Gregory, wife of Steve and owner Home Designer and Staging professional felt that was one of the reasons they originally moved to Hendersonville. "We knew before we started our family we wanted a strong school system and were impressed with the school system out here," said Joy. "While the city has continued to grow, it has never lost that small town feel where children and their education remain very important."

(l-r) Joy Gregory and Steve Gregory enjoy living in Hendersonville, TN because of its small town feel, access to Old Hickory Lake, and its close proximity to Nashville.


Things To Do in Hendersonville

1.  Drakes Creek Activity Center

The first place that comes to mind for recreation is DCAC. It’s a huge sports complex filled with golf course, batting cages, game room, and more. It also offers aeroball, outdoor laser tag, a rock climbing wall, and best ice cream of the city among many fun-filled things.

2.  Old Hickory Lake, Of Course

The beautiful Old Hickory Lake welcomes visitors and residents who are looking for watery sports, fishing, boating, camping, and hunting. The oozing charm of the place attracts millions of people every year to enjoy the calm water of the lake.

3.  Peek-A-Boo Playtown

Anything special for kids in Hendersonville? Yes, there is Peek-A-Boo Playtown. It is a miniature town and there are all kinds of places in it like school, house, grocery store, sports field and what not to make sure children get a real town-like experience and have as much fun they can.

4.  The Many Resturants

While Nashville is known for its many eateries, Hendersonville has cuisine scene that can compete with many cities its size. Again the advantage of Old Hickory Lake makes a difference. The Rudder is one of the most popular restaurants and is known for its view of the lake. Barefoot Charlie's is another place that both locals and visitors enjoy the atmosphere that the lake brings.  Those are just two of the many food spots that one can enjoy dining at in Hendersonville. 

This is not it. There are many more places which are the center of attraction for people, including, Trinity Music City, Hendersonville Arts Council and Historic Rock Castle.

Hendersonville, once a small farming community has grown a lot since then… and the best part is that it is still growing and embracing new people. That makes it an impressive place to visit and move.



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Posted by Corey Hammonds Founder/CEO on May 8th, 2017 5:37 PM