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Good Old Tennessee, The Volunteer State, is famous for its prominent role played by its volunteers in the Battle of New Orleans... but we all know that it’s not the only thing it is known for.

The State is also famous for The Hermitage, The Parthenon and the greatest county music capitol of the world Nashville — which is also rightfully called “Music City”.

Today, we’ll give you an insight on a neighborhood that many call the pride of the Davidson County. Yes, we’ll talk about the Germantown neighborhood of Nashville. (Not to be confused with Germantown the city located outside of Memphis, TN).

Why Germantown?

Many Nashville neighborhoods have undergone a major change where, sadly, there is not much of their history preserved. However, Germantown is different in this regard.

Why? Because the visionaries of Germantown decided it was important to manage its growth and retain its ‘true color’. And they have succeeded in doing so.

That’s why Germantown, Nashville is a paradise for history lovers. If you’re an adventurous type and want to see some good old historic culture of the 19th century, Germantown is a place where you should be. The community of around 38,000 diverse people, each depicting their own cultural heritage makes an ideal location to travel, especially for film shooting and photo capturing enthusiasts — and for anyone who wants to witness a unique travel experience.

The Germantown has a total area of 17.6 square miles according to the USCB — bounded by Jefferson Street on the south, Hume Street on the north, Rosa Parks Boulevard on the west and Third Avenue North on the east.

Dating back to 1800s, the neighborhood has gone through many changes over the years and is now it is one of the most prominent neighborhoods in Davidson County. "I think Germantown remains popular because people like accessibility to downtown and they like industrial type areas," explained Germantown resident Joan Fleming-Ridley. "It is also the view of downtown Nashville that you can get here, one of the biggest selling points in this area are rooftop decks."

Joan's husband Keith Ridley is a Real Estate developer who began purchasing homes and lots in the Germantown area nearly 20 years ago. "I first had some rental properties in Germantown and started purchasing lots as it became clear that the city of Nashville had big plans for the area," said Keith. "So many folks from other parts of the country moving here want big city living similar to where they are from."

(l-r) Keith Ridley and Joan Fleming-Ridley on the corner of Monroe Street and 4th Avenue North in Germantown


The Germantown neighborhood offers the urban living lifestyle that many individuals enjoy. The area is very walkable allowing those who life there to never have to travel far for some of the best experiences Nashville has to offer. We have compiled a list of some of the most exciting places of Germantown that attracts so many.

Christie Cookie Co.

It is known for its old-school methods of baking, Christie Cookie Co. humbly offers tasty cookies and crunchy muffins. And people love it ever since it came to Germantown 15 years ago.

Peter Nappi

A luxury leather goods brand that excels in designing footwear along with accessories is a pride of the “Music City”. The brand is famous for its enormous exports to Tuscany, Italy. Since it opened its door in Nashville in 2011, the brand has only gained more popularity and has received accolades from all fashion lovers.

A Paradise for The Lovers of French Pastries

Who doesn’t love French Pastries? Everyone does, right?

A sweet house by the name of Tempered Café and chocolate offers French coffee along with a traditional breakfast of French pastries. Their unique way of making a dish their own by adding something special is exactly what makes this SPECIAL.

Taco Love

Mexican culture is also present in the neighborhood, and you bet there will be a Mexican restaurant too. “Little Donkey” is an eatery which offers tacos, burritos, dips, tamales with a variety of salads and... you know.

Morgan Park Recreational Center

Located at 411 Hume Street, this historic park dates back to 1909. Morgan Park once contained a beer garden (very German!) and at the peak of its popularity, it also hosted the biggest horse race in the world at that time.

Today, the park contains a soccer field, shaded picnic tables, a basketball court and the Morgan Park Community Center.

The Bicentennial Mall Park

The park was opened on 1st June 1996 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the establishment of Tennessee’s statehood. The park houses a 2000-seat amphitheater, the Carillon pillars and a 200-foot granite map of the state, and so much more to have fun.

In the year 2007 alone, the park received about 1,250,000 visitors. Also, in 2011, the Bicentennial Mall Park was rated as one of the top ten public spaces in the US according to the American Planning Association. That shows how much it is loved by the locals, Americans, and even foreigners!

While Nashville has many great neighborhoods, Germantown will be a part of town that will offer some of the best locations to visit. "I can tell you from a developer standpoint, Germantown is one of the top places that you will see development continue for sometime," Keith said. "I am proud of the safe and clean community that is Germantown."

So for visiting or living – Come to Germantown, Nashville.

Posted by Corey Hammonds Founder/CEO on September 11th, 2017 12:11 AM

As many of you know Nashville is growing at a tremendous pace. According to the census data, about 30,000 people permanently move to Music City every year. That is translating into more development, economic growth, investment and job opportunities as something new is happening here every day.  If there is part of town that is all about that, then it is 12th Avenue S—or simply, 12South.

Just south of the Gulch, the 12South Neighborhood, is one of the pride and joys of Nashville. The pace of development here is really impressive. Tall, slim, and modern houses are being built next to older rehabbed homes while the 12th Avenue retail strip is now full of upscale retail stores and restaurants. Although these new businesses at the neighborhood are loved by locals, the old favorites like 12 South Taproom, Burger Up, Frothy Monkey, and Mafiaoza’s are enjoying their loyal following.

What does it mean? It means, in the recent years, the 12South Neighborhood has become one of the best places in Nashville to visit because of its stylish shops, delightful coffee outlets, charming homes, and various kinds of restaurants all within walking distance. If you are visiting 12South, you will can get a lovely meal, alluring sights, and some of the best walkability in the city. 

Many people are in love with this place for its beauty and uniqueness. One of them is Javier Salado, who is the manager of Taqueria del Sol, a fast casual chain from Atlanta. When it came for the Taqueria del Sol to open its location in Nashville, 12South was the best place for it. About the growth of the area, Salado said, “I have seen this area grow and I know a lot of the people who live in this neighborhood. It feels very local when you know a lot of the business owners and the customers that shop here.”

Javier Salado standing in front of Taqueria del Sol on 12 South Avenue


The neighborhood’s popularity owes a lot to the beautiful Sevier Park. The enormous place is filled with people of all age with kids having fun with swings and basket courts, and young adults and families enjoying the charm of the place on their picnic blankets.

“The park is such a central part of the neighborhood that brings people together.” Salado continued, “Where is there in Nashville that there is a park, that is walkable, you can get cupcakes, or a donut, or ice cream. We have places as nice as Josephine and Urban Grub or you can grab bbq or a slice of pizza. We also have shopping and that you don’t have often in these small Nashville neighborhoods.”

Another reason of 12South’s appeal is that it’s quite near Belmont University and Downtown Nashville—and even the highways are not too far. The real estate sector is seeing a rapid growth too as property values continue to grow in the area as the demand to live there rises. 

All in all, the delicious food of restaurants, diverse shopping places, small community feel, and the elegance of the place makes it a must-visit in Nashville. 

If you want to learn how you can purchase a property in the 12South Neighborhood your please contact us 615-216-4809 or solutions@hammondsrealestate.com.

Posted by Corey Hammonds Founder/CEO on May 24th, 2017 11:57 AM